Tips on Selling Your House – Taking Care of Street Appeal

As a seller some tips on selling your house to get it ‘street ready’ can go a long way to increasing the interest and sale price on your property.

It is worth investing a bit of time in giving the outside of your home a freshen up. Many people will assess your property from the outside before deciding whether to inspect. It is this first impression that may be the deciding factor in whether they stop for an inspection or move on to the next one.As well as considering the street appeal of your property, also take a look at the general appearance of your rear gardens and outdoor areas to make sure they are tidy and inviting as well.

Most of these tips on selling your house are very low cost, if not free. So take advantage and spruce up your home prior to sale in order to increase your chances of obtaining the best price possible.


Street Appeal – First Impressions are Everything!


Street appeal is crucial. Ensure that lawns are cut, edges trimmed, paths swept, and the entry way ‘de cob webbed’. Make sure that the light bulb at the front is working and that the entry way is inviting.

Ensure that the front fence and gate are in good order as well as the path to the front door.

Move shoes and any other clutter away from the front door. (Even if they are neat and tidy on a shoe rack the front door is not the place for them).


If the lawns and gardens look ‘tired’ consider laying new turf and freshening up the garden beds with some new mulch and plants. This alone can really make your outdoor areas look fresh and inviting.

If you have decks or paving, make sure they are safe (no loose tiles or nails) and swept free of leaves and debris. If you keep lots of pot plants consider keeping most of them elsewhere during the sale period, as they can look cluttered. A couple of stylish feature pots with healthy plants and flowers that complement the colour scheme of your home, can really add to the appeal. Consider adding some garden furniture to make your outdoor areas look inviting.


The Garage or Shed


This is usually the man’s domain and you want ‘Mr Buyer’ to also feel that your property will meet his needs.

A disorganised garage that is packed to the rafters with fishing gear, camping gear, tools and ‘boy’s toys’ will give the impression that it is not sufficient to do the job. Also if it is covered with oil stains you may consider spraying the floor with paving paint or having the stains removed. (This can be done relatively inexpensively).


Painting requires a little more time and investment but can really be the winning edge. If your home has peeling paint on the outside or a scruffy looking front door then a coat of paint can give it vastly improved street appeal, particularly if you can select a colour scheme that really suits the style of your home.

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