Staging Home For Sale

Staging home for sale is one of the most important things that you can do when selling a residential property.  As we are all aware first impressions count. Never is this adage truer than when selling a home.

House Staging Tips

When staging home for sale the first thing that you need to do is to take a fresh look. You need to try and view your property as though you are seeing it for the first time. This is very important. I would suggest walking across the road. While you are doing this try to clear your mind of everything that you know about your home.

Once you reach the other side and have cleared your mind of all of the memories and attached emotions, turn around and just stare at your home for a few minutes. Really look at it. Look at the front as if for the first time.

What’s your first impression? What stands out as needing attention? Are the gutters clear? Do they need painting?  Does the home have street appeal? Are potential buyers going to be enticed to want to inspect? Or is the overgrown garden and broken letterbox and peeling paint going to be enough to turn them off?

Now go inside and look at your home as if it is someone else’s home. Is it cluttered? Are the walls, ceilings and windows clean? Is the home light and airy or dark and musty? Are there pet smells or unpleasant odours? What about the carpets?

Viewing your home this way can be a very confronting thing to do. But if you are looking to sell, and for a good price, or even to sell quickly, then it is this attention to detail that will make all the difference.

The Clutter Bug is a company that specialises in de cluttering property. If this is an area that you struggle with I would suggest that you give Leesa a call. She has been featured on The Today Show and services Sydney and the Central Coast. Her packages start at just $250 which is money very well spent.

Professional Home Staging Furniture Rental

Curzon living
‘Special placement of furniture and accessories has drawn the eye away from the brickwork, archways and original wood panelling which would otherwise have made the home appear dated.’

The other option is to get your home professionally staged. A professional will come to your home, do exactly as above, and will show you how to maximise the initial impact. This will build the desirability and appeal of your home. This will result in more, and better, offers.

Home Stagers can do anything from rearranging furniture and de-cluttering, to replacing all the furniture and ‘dressing’ the home with complimentary accessories. Home stagers are brilliant at creating the ‘wow’ factor.

Your Real Estate Agent should be able to assist you with staging home for sale recommendations. So ask them to refer you to some reputable Home Stagers. Your agent will also have contacts with local painters, gardeners, handymen, cleaners, tradespeople etc. This is where choosing the right agent can make you far more money than they cost you.

Staging Home For Sale Tips

Remember, the main rules of Staging Home For Sale

Staging Home for sale tips

Important Tip:

Owners are often reluctant to invest money in staging etc. I use the word investing as staging and preparing a home for sale will always return you more than it costs.

Home Staging Furniture Rental

Many people decide against home staging due to the cost. I am yet to see a property where the cost of home staging did not result in at least 2.5 times the return for the owner. This is money very well spent and will result in a much quicker sale time.

I believe in it so strongly that I would never sell my own home without investing in this wonderful service. If you reside on the Central Coast of New South Wales I suggest that you contact Interior Makeovers of Terrigal.

If you would like to be put in touch with reputable tradespeople such as painters, handymen, carpenters, cleaners etc I have a team of people that I can refer you to. They are all fully insured, professional and RELIABLE.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know which part/s of the home to pay attention to and which areas you should be focusing on. When doing renovations or sprucing a home up for sale always keep your target market in mind. Which type of buyer will be keen to buy your property. What will be the likely demographic?

If you are unsure which areas to pay attention to, and which aspect to possibly ignore, feel free to give me a call and we can have a chat about your options. It’s important to ensure that any dollar that you invest in preparing your home for sale is well spent.

curzon bedroom
‘Notice here that the furnishings once again draw the eye away from the vertical blinds, timber doorway and older style fan.’

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