Selling My House Quickly

Selling My House Quickly – this is the ideal outcome in any real estate transaction. Too often properties sit on the market for months at a time, sometimes years. This is usually due to:

  • The asking price being too high.
  •  The choice of marketing being inappropriate for the type of buyer that you are trying to attract.
  •  The market is slow or depressed, or
  • You have an inexperienced or inactive agent.

All of these issues should be considered carefully before you go to market. This will give you the best opportunity to sell your house quickly. And the quicker you sell, the higher the price that will usually be achieved.

Selling My House Quickly

Tips To Help You Achieve This

Tips For Helping You To Sell Your House Quickly

So, how do you ensure that you sell your house quickly and for a reasonable price? Firstly be very honest with yourself.  As owners, one of our biggest fears is to undersell our home. But you need to be careful that your emotional connection to your home doesn’t prevent you from doing some objective research around price.

The price you set should reflect the true, expected value of the property. Buyers in the market will judge your home against other available properties on the market. If you price it too high, in relation to other homes with similar features and attributes, buyers will judge it and quickly discard it. Once the property has been mentally discarded it is difficult to get buyers to view it a second time, even if it eventually has a price reduction. This is why getting the initial pricing correct is absolutely crucial.

Agents who tell you to try it high for a couple of weeks to ‘see how it goes’ or ones that tell you to start high because ‘you can always come down’ are not doing you any favours. Any property, regardless of the state or country you live in, or the price range, will receive the most enquiry and the most interest in the first two to three weeks that it is on the market. In a slower market it is usually in the first two to four weeks. The 80/20 rule applies here and you will receive 80% of your enquiry in the first 20% of the time that you are on the market.  An experienced agent knows that these first few weeks are critical. They will not experiment with your home during this crucial time as they know the financial damage that you may suffer by doing so.

Selling a house quickly means that the price you set should be as close to market value as possible. Gone are the days where you would add an extra $30,000 to your asking price to allow for buyers to negotiate down. Buyers are very savvy these days and have many resources at their fingertips. They research house selling prices and they soon know whether your asking price is out of line with other similar homes that have sold in the area. One way to determine the likely eventual sale price is to research similar homes in the area that have sold recently. The asking price should reflect the condition and appeal of your property.

Tip: if your property presents poorly

If your property presents poorly, buyers will wonder if there are other hidden issues. They will be concerned about all the other things that they can’t see. They will make the assumption that the house needs a lot of money spent on it and no matter how good your agent is it will be difficult for them to achieve you top dollar.  It is wise to invest a little in repairs and maintenance and to attend to all of those odd jobs you have been meaning to get to. See here for more selling home tips.

Your marketing should also accurately reflect the property, it position and its condition. There is always something about any property that will attract the right buyers. If you are 3km from the beach then a short walk to the beach just isn’t believable but beachside suburb is. Excellent position next to a bus terminal or depot may not be believed but maybe close to transport? Small block becomes easy maintenance; every feature has a plus or a minus it is all in the way you present it.

In a slow market these tips become even more important as there are fewer buyers about.  Your choice of agent will also have a huge impact on your ability to sell your house quickly. See here for more on finding a real estate agent.


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