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Bateau Bay Beach

Bateau Bay sits between Sydney and Newcastle.

It is approximately 25 minutes north of Gosford and 10 minutes south of The Entrance on the New South Wales Central Coast, Australia.

In the 2016 census Bateau Bay had approximately 4500 properties and is home to just over 12,000 people.

Why Live in Bateau Bay

Bateau Bay offers a relaxed, casual lifestyle and is the ideal place to either retire, or raise a family.

With ample shopping, schooling and recreational facilities, there is also an abundance of beaches, waterways an parks in and around this community friendly suburb.

Bateau Bay Shopping

Bateau Bay has three local shopping complexes as well as Bateau Bay Square. As well as major retail stores, eateries and a post office, the Square also has several banks, a local library, medical centre and a service station.

The shopping options include;

Cresthaven Shopping Villae; the largest of the three complexes Cresthaven offers a well-stocked IGA, Cresthaven Fruit Market.

Cresthaven Meats, Cresthaven Deli, BWS Liquor, a Pharmacy and a Chinese Restaurant. There is an abundance of parking and this is the ideal place to shop when you don’t want to face a large or busy shopping centre.

East Bateau Bay shops located on Bateau Bay Road  is home to Bateau Bay Post Office, a pharmacy, general store, take-away, a real estate office and a number of other shops popular with the locals including Blackbird. Here is where you will find Café Mocha which has great ambience, tasty food and good coffee. These shops are just a few minutes level walk to Bateau Bay beach.

Finally the shops located on the corner of The Central Coast Highway and Bateau Bay Road Bateau Bay. These shops house the very popular Bruce’s Pizza.  If you’ve never experienced a Pizza from Bruce’s you should!  There’s also a pharmacy, a bottle shop and Wilkies. Ladies you really should pay a visit. The service is amazing and the clothing and jewellery options are a plenty.

Cresthaven Shops Resized
Cresthaven Shopping Village

Cafe Mocha
Cafe Mocha Bateau Bay

Bateau Bay Public School

Bateau Bay Public School is very highly respected among locals. (At the time of writing it is the only school in NSW that will not allow an out of zone child to enrol even if his or her siblings attend – exemptions may be made in special circumstance but there is a process). For catchment areas of Bateau Bay Public School please click here.

Bateau Bay Things To Do – Local Attractions

Crackneck Lookout, Bateau Bay Beach, Bateau Bay Square and Bateau Bay Ten Pin Bowling are all places worth a visit. Perhaps lawn bowls is more your pace, that is catered for too and you can enjoy lunch and a cold one afterwards at Bateau Bay Bowling Club.

Another activity popular with the young and the young at heart is the Bateau Bay Skate Park.

Bateau Bay Real Estate – Where East Meets West

Bateau Bay Beach (aerial shot)

I’m not sure how it came about but most locals refer to ‘east’ or ‘west’ Bateau Bay.  For the non-locals reading this Bateau Bay east side refers to the area from The Entrance Road through to the beach therefore anything east of The Entrance Road.  Bateau Bay west side is the area west of The Entrance Road – The Entrance Road was renamed a several years back to The Central Coast Highway tough most locals still call it The Entrance Road.

Bateau Bay Beach
Access to Bateau Bay Beach

If you are looking to buy, or sell, in Bateau Bay be aware that there is a price variance between the east and the west. Whether this is justified or not is a topic for another post and will often depend on who you ask. Regardless, properties on the eastern side will usually sell for significantly more than on the western side.

Please note:  The ‘western’ side is NOT a bad area. Often times I meet potential buyers or people new to the area that have pre conceived ideas about one side or the other.

Surfers at Crackneck

There are thousands of well maintained, high value homes with lovely house proud owners on the western side. This is not something exclusive to the east side. Yes the east side of Bateau Bay NSW 2261 is closer to the beach; the western side offers more for your money by way of house prices.

For more about Bateau Bay real estate prices see here

Often people from the east side will say that they’re closer to the beach so their side is better. People on the western side either fee that east side properties are over-priced or they want to move there. There are pros and cons for each side and at the end of the day it is all the one suburb.

Whichever side of the debate (or Highway) you’re on – Bateau Bay NSW is a beautiful place to live and work.  If you’re not familiar with the area and are looking to relocate please get in touch, I’d love to show you around.

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