A Little About Me…

I have always had a strong interest in anything to do with real estate and property.

Back in the 80’s at the age of 17, I purchased a block of land. Two years later at 19 I bought my first home.

From my mid-teens I devoured as much information about anything ‘real estate’ as I could get my hands on.

While my friends were reading magazines and Jackie Collins novels I was reading property investor magazines.

I read book after book on renovation, investment, developments and sub divisions.

Over the years I acquired several properties including my own homes and investment properties. 

By most peoples standards I had a lot of real estate knowledge and experience in both buying and selling real estate.

I don’t say this to ‘toot my own horn’ or to brag. 

I am sharing my experiences to help you to understand why I decided to become a real estate agent in Bateau Bay.

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My Experience of Real Estate Agents

I found that most agents that I dealt with did not take the time to answer my questions or to provide me with the information I requested to help me to make decisions. Their follow up was often non-existent and at times I was made to feel that they were doing me a favour instead of the other way around. Fortunately times have changed and I do feel that the industry is much more professional now and has improved overall in the last 30 years.

My biggest concern was that I didn’t feel 100% at ease most of the time. My belief is that an agent should show empathy for sellers.

Selling or buying a property is a life changing event and it is not something that we do that often. An agent should respect this. They should follow up and should keep you in the picture as to not only what is happening now but what is due to happen next. The majority of agents that I dealt with were very blasé about the whole process. Although transacting deals on a weekly basis is the norm for any decent agent, the majority don’t seem to appreciate that this is a huge deal to any owner (and rightly so)!

When I started selling real estate I made a promise to myself that I would treat all sellers the way that I had wanted to be treated when I was selling or buying.

In 1996 I commenced my first full time sales agents position working for an agency in Wyong. (I’d previously worked selling house and land packages for a short time). My first boss was a great teacher and I am thankful to this day for the training that he put me through.

However after only 18 months and with a 3 year old daughter I found the 60 plus hours per week a bit of a toll on my young daughter and my family.  I felt like half an agent and half a mum. 

I decided that I would put my real estate aspirations on hold until my daughter was older. In 2010 (the year my daughter turned 18) I decided to re-enter the industry.

I approached a number of offices in the area. After speaking and interviewing with a number of offices I received several job offers.

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