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When preparing your home for sale you should never underestimate the impact that the presentation will have on your sale price.

The first, and often the hardest, thing that you must do when selling is to disassociate yourself from your home. Once you decide to place your home on the market for sale you need to start thinking of it as a marketable commodity. Understandably this can often be difficult to do. Your home has often been such a personal place for you and your family for so long.

house selling tips

First impressions are everything when selling. Owners who invest a little time and effort into the preparation will sell quicker, and for a better price, than those owners that do not.

Most of these house selling tips are relatively inexpensive. By investing a little time and effort you will help to ensure that there are buyers clamouring for your property when it hits the market. And competing buyers is what will push your sale price up!

Important: Please keep in mind that you don’t have to do everything on the following indoor and outdoor lists. In fact you don’t have to do any of it if you choose not to. It is your property and it is ultimately your decision as to how much or how little you do. Every home is different and what might be suggested for one property may be totally different for another. I am happy to make suggestions if you would like and these lists are just a guide. Please don’t feel that you must do everything mentioned here.  

  • Outside Your Home – improve street appeal, clean up gardens, lay new mulch or grass if it is looking tired, tidy up the garage or shed. You will be amazed at how much more interest you can generate by improving the first impression that your property makes on a potential buyer. 

Free Extra

One way to prepare your home for sale is to hold a garage sale. If you would like a FREE copy of  ‘Trash To Treasure – Garage Sales Made Easy’ just contact me and I will arrange to have one dropped off to you. 

Where to From Here?

If there is any aspect that you would like to discuss in more detail just let me know when we meet. I can also provide details of very reliable tradespeople, cleaners etc and offer suggestions on how to be ready at short notice when the agent wants an impromptu inspection. In the meantime for detailed information on all things ‘property’ I recommend having a look at Hot Seller Tips.

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